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These Bags are all offered as a Vegan Alternative to leather bags.  All practices in the manufacturing of these vegan bags are earth friendly.  
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The Little Easy The Flapper Cork Handbag by QUEORK
Price: $199.00
Lil' Easy
Price: $189.00
QUEORK- Flapper
Price: $159.00
CoCo Cork Corcho Cork Clutch Omni Cork Camera Handbag by QUEORK
Price: $149.00
QUEORK-Corcho Cork Clutch
Price: $90.00
Deal of the Day Price: $69.00
Savings: $21.00
Sasha cork clutch Cork Backpack The Flapper Cork Handbag by QUEORK
Price: $129.00
The Backpack
Price: $189.00
All of the bags in this category are classified as Vegan