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Cork: The Bark of the Cork Oak Tree

Unlike most trees, the cork oak is evergreen and can regenerate it's

bark making cork a renewable and sustainable resource.

Cork: The Most Amazing Natural Material We Know

Author: Amanda Dailey
Subject: Cork Qualities Simplified

Cork (Quercus suber) comes from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree and the majority of these trees are found in Portugal, Spain and Italy. For hundreds of years the primary use of cork bark has been in wine and bottle stoppers because cork is elastic and can be squeezed into bottles then expand itself to prevent leakage.
It is also composed of "suberin" which is a
water repellent substance that keeps liquids contained without bleeding through the stopper.

What makes QUEORK's cork handbags, purses, gifts and accessories superior?

Cork is a water resistant and natural material. Anything that is water repellent is mildew resistant as well as hypo-allergenic. Cork is a natural substance and is fade resistant to sunlight. Because the tree is only harvested for bark every ten years or so, cork is vegan and the tree suffers no long term damage from the harvest. Cork is a natural mosquito and bug repellent, it is sustainable, a certified "Green" Material, and has natural fire resistance, durability, and is lightweight due to it's bubble form structure.

QUEORK's products have the durability and design appeal of leather yet are resistant to water, fading, fire and stain damage

When you carry a QUEORK cork accessory, people on the street marvel at the natural design, yet familiar soft texture we all once only knew as a wine cork

QUEORK Is Cork For Life!