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All fabrics are NOT created equal!  We only recommend buying blind if you are looking for cork fabric for sampling, personal use, or testing.  When it comes to upholstery you need upholstery grade cork fabric, no exceptions!  QUEORK is the largest vendor of cork fabric in the United States and we have learned the very hard way that the wear and tear of upholstery grade material is much higher than the average and though it is somewhat simple to replace a handbag or craft, no vendor of basic grade material will replace your fabric cost, upholsterer cost, and time when they get word that basic cork fabric will NOT last on furniture.  Our owners create, sell, and own upholstered cork furniture that they use daily and will only resell from one Portuguese vendor of upholstery fabrics that stands behind their product.  Click the Natural Fabric link below to learn more about our fabrics or to purchase.
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Cork upholstery fabric
Natural Cork Fabric
Price: $89.00
Cork upholstery fabric